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Unsold apartments in Beirut : A worrying situation ?

The number of unsold apartments in Beirut during 2013 has reached the level of 277 units representing 22% of the total number of built apartments in 2013 and revealing an increase of 26.7% over 2012 of unsold apartments, according to … Continue reading

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Beekeeping in Lebanon : a ticklish affair

The production of honey in Lebanon remains a complementary activity for farmers and sometimes most like a hobby for ordinary individuals looking to occupy their down time or earn additional income. Although it is a very old profession, particularly in … Continue reading


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Housing loans for young couples

The new subsidized housing loan scheme that has been launched by the central bank addresses the concern of the 35’000 new couples who emerge every year besides the permanent source of demand sustained mainly by expatriates. The scheme is expected … Continue reading

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